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James Parks, Michael Parks Documentary

We've been fortunate that so many people that either knew Michael or just loved his body of work have given us the opportunity to interview them for our documentary.


This is just a partial list of people that have taken time out of their schedule to be part of our doc. This is not a complete list and we have many more people scheduled that we haven't interviewed yet.


Kathy Onstad, Michael Parks Documentary

Kathy Onstad

Michael's sister is as gifted of a storyteller as her late-brother. She has graciously granted us her support and gave a fantastic interview for the doc.



Mickey Rourke, Michael Parks Documentary

Mickey Rourke

Though Mr. Rourke didn't know Michael personally, he was an enormous fan of Then Came Bronson and granted us an amazing interview.


Haley Joel Osment, Michael Parks Documentary

Haley Joel Osment

The co-star of Tusk gave a fantastic interview with us about getting to know Michael and an amazing night they spent together.

Haley Joel Osment, Michael Parks Documentary

Ralph Garman

Though Ralph and Michael didn't spend a ton of time together, their mutual admiration meant they became fast friends on the set of Red State where Ralph played his son.

James Parks

Michael's son and best-friend through life has been our backbone of support through this venture.


Tricia Mancuso-Parks, Michael Parks Documentary

Tricia Mancuso Parks

Michael's daughter and perhaps the biggest cheerleader of this venture. Tricia is as optimistic as Michael was, and we're thankful to have her as part of the doc.


Leonard Maltin, Michael Parks Documentary

Leonard Maltin

The legendary critic gave an incredibly articulate interview where he supplied fantastic framing of the studio system.


Robert Kurtzman, Michael Parks Documentary

Robert Kurtzman

Bob is a legendary in special-effects and worked with Michael on both Dusk Till Dawn and Kevin Smith's Tusk.


Robert Kurtzman, Michael Parks Documentary

Kevin Smith

After seeing Michael in From Dusk Till Dawn, Kevin decided to work with him. Though that role took more than a decade to come into fruition, Red State remains one of the best acting performances of all time.


Haley Joel Osment, Michael Parks Documentary