This features a cross-section of quite a bit of my writing.


Currently, my blog has over 120k hits where as my writing for websites such as  ScreenRant has had over 2.8 million hits.


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Dalyrimple Goes Wrong

This is an adaptation of the F. Scott Fitzgerald short story that is in the public domain. This story speaks to the disenfranchisement that occurs after a war-hero returns home, only to find he doesn't have a place in society.

The Optimist, The Failed Film, & The Dead Monkey

Got a wild hair and wrote a short, experimental script based on the true-story of Ted Coombs cross-country roller-skating to promote the film Americathon.

Other Fish

Since we've already finished the project, I figured why not publish the unedited script. This follows the story of a newly divorced mother who seeks to prove her new-found independence by swimming a channel of shark-infested water.

AntiCurrent, Josh Roush
AntiCurrent, Josh Roush
AntiCurrent, Josh Roush